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Auto-backup Generator Systems

Weather conditions, brownouts and utility failures impact your ability to conduct business in your home office. It makes good business sense to protect your lighting, computer, fax machine, laser printer, security system, air conditioner, and heating system.

AG Electrical Contractors installs automatic generator systems for homes, small businesses and larger onsite power systems. We help you determine the right generator that will provide the correct level of protection for your home. Unlike noisy and dirty portable gas generators, these permanent generators are automatic and safe.


The system monitors your home's incoming utility power and automatically come online to supply electrical power during an interruption, even if you're not home. These emergency power systems can be installed outside existing homes or planned as part of a new construction project. A residential generator system is similar in size to a central air-conditioning unit, and AG installs this in a permanent location outside your home and can be powered by natural gas (NG), or propane (LP).

Typically key circuits in your home are selected to be powered in the event of an outage. This allows you to only provide power to the areas of your home that are most critical. Projects for automatic permanent residential systems typically range in costs from $ - $ depending on the amount of the power your desire.


Small business generators that AG installs are sized to match the needs of your business. When your utility power fails, the system senses a loss of power and immediately starts the generator. Once utility power has been restored, the system shifts your business back to main power, and shuts down the generator.

AG chooses generators from various leading manufacturers depending on your specific project needs. For an excellent background on automatic backup generation systems we recommend you visit Kohler Generators web site.