AG Featured Project

Villa Walsh Academy, Morristown NJ

Cummins Power Systems Contacted AG Electrical Contractors to design the system and install a new 250KW emergency power system for Villa Walsh Academy in Morristown NJ. The original generator was a Cummins (Onan) installed in the building basement during initial construction many decades ago.

After surveying field conditions and future requirements AG engineered a new system. AG Electrical Contractors then assembled the team and installation plan. A temporary generator to provide emergency power if needed during the construction was installed. This planned paid off when hurricane Sandy left the school without utility power for 14 days. The temporary generator worked during that time to keep the building functioning.

After installation and testing, this 250 KW generator and 75KW load bank offers larger load capability. The building now has its emergency systems, refrigeration, boilers, domestic hot water pumps, and a variety of other systems backed up. The extra quiet enclosure provides quiet operation for extended periods.

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