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"AG Electrical Contractors helps us provide the high quality building infrastructure our tenants require.." K. Romas, Bouras Properties

Bouras Properties, Summit NJ

When Bouras Properties approached AG Electrical Contractors they were looking for a more comprehensive solution to their emergency power needs. They had a 4160 volt service to the building and chillers (air conditioning) that operated at 4160 volts. Most of the tenants are financial companies that could benefit from having emergency power during a power outage. AG Electrical Contractors was hired to provide plans and specifications for a system that would provide back up power for the entire building.

The generator would have to support the entire building for 24 hours at full load before it would need to be refueled. The generator had to be very quiet as not to disturb the nearby residential areas. In addition, the generator and its surroundings would have to be aesthetically pleasing. This would be a greater challenge because the existing site conditions did not allow for each placement.

AG Electrical Contractors hired an architectural firm (Steven Michael Peterson Architect) of Red Bank, New Jersey and Land Planning Consulting Engineers of Staten Island, New York to assist in the design. The architect provided conceptual renderings based on the specifications of the generator we were proposing. These renderings allowed us to get a visual of the site before it was build. Many meetings followed. Bouras Properties wanted to make sure that the layout of the site was the best possible layout. Issues like landscaping, fencing, color, pedestrian access, curb cuts, and elevations, all played a role in the final design.

After the proposed design was accepted, final plans and specifications were produced by AG Electrical Contractors for the building department of Summit, New Jersey. Upon building department approval, AG Electrical Contractors began site work to accomoodate the new generator. The generator was purchased from Cummins Metropower of New Jersey and the Cummins sales representative Sean Supple provided us with all the support that was required to make this installation as easy as possible.

AG Electrical Contractors hired Gavin Graham Associates to provide a short circuit analysis and technical data for the generator over current protection. The engineer involved in this, Wayne Celeste, provided support and guidance through some of the technical areas concerning short circuit current and protection. Gavin Graham also provided the medium voltage switches, metering sections, medium voltage transformer and switches for the project.

-The project duration was approximately one year and a half from start to finish. This included all of the design time and preliminary plans.

-This is the only generator in Summit, New Jersey that provides power to the entire building it serves.

-The building can run fully occupied with all its mechanical systems operational. As was stated before, the building has two large chillers that operate at 4160 volts. These chillers can run simultaneously with elevator and all other building loads. This allows Bouras Properties to provide the highest level of service to their tenants. As a result, they can attract large tenants with back up power requirements.

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